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The table below gives the price list. As explained further down the page, it is one license per user and there are two types of licenses, a Time-Limited Licence which entitles you to the latest version of Sound Design for the period, and a Version-Limited License, which entitles you to the version at the time of purchase for life. Volume discounts are offered where multiple licenses are bought by the same company.

Price List
Number of Licenses Volume Discount Price per Time-Limited License Price per Version-Limited License
1 - £195.00 £585.00
5+ 5% £185.25 £555.75
10+ 10% £175.50 £526.50
20+ 15% £165.75 £497.25
50+ 20% £156.00 £468.00

License Mentality

In order to ensure full traceability of data and assessment creation and modification, each user of Sound Design has a unique ID associated with their license. This means that there can be no doubt as to who created or modified data or assessments.

There are two types of licenses; a version license and an annual license.

A version license entitles the license holder to use whichever version of Sound Design the license is bought with for life, along with any upgrades to that version. For example, if you hold a version license for Version 1.0, you will be entitled to upgrades to version 1.2, 1.5 etc., but not for version 2.0.

The annual license entitles the license holder to always use the latest version of the software, as well as providing full access to any additional Sound Design resources available from Acoustics Central, such as toolboxes which may be created in the future.

Because of our annual upgrade schedule, we would encourage those buying Sound Design licenses to opt for the annual license. To encourage this, license holders can convert their annual license to a version license at any time, at which point they would only need to pay the difference between the annual and version license costs.

This means that anyone who buys an annual license initially and later converts it to a version license will only have paid in total the same amount they would have paid if they bought the version license in the first place.

Further to this, the right to transfer a license from one person to another remains with the entity who pays for the license. As such, a license paid for by a company can be transferred to someone else in the event that that person leaves the company.

Purchase License

You can purchase your license directly through our Omni-Central site by clicking the button below.